Quality and environment

Quality through service

Newprint offers a wide range of printing services. Our quality is not based merely on our versatile and modern machinery but rather on our long experince and competent personel.

As our customer you have to only know what you want - we will handle the rest. Our sales support personnel are happy to help you in printing matters and material choices. We are here to serve you.

Environment is our concern

We at Newprint aim to minimize the environmental impact of printing in all our operations. In addition to paying attention to the consumption of our energy and other resources we try to choose environmentally friendly materials as often as possible. We also always offer environmentally friendly paper and printing options to our customers.

Newprint holds the Nordic ecolabel and we’re committed to its requirements. Our staff is also committed to our environmental goals. We’re building tomorrows printing business.

ISO 9001

We have organised the operation of Newprint Oy according to the ISO 9001 quality system. It is a combination of the responsibilities and practises that we follow in all our operations from taking an order to the delivery of the printed materials.

ISO 14001

Constant improving of environmental matters is one of the goals the management of Newprint Oy has set for the company. We are committed to preventing the spoiling of the nature and to limit the harm caused to the environment by our actions.

Nordic ecolabel

By following the requirements and actions set by the Nordic ecolabel, we aim to limit the environmental impact of our operations. We are committed to reducing our emissions and waste as well as optimising the use of raw materials, energy and other resources. 

Environment is our concern