Newprint – a serving printing house

Newprint was founded in 1997, but our experience and expertise date way more back as Newprint continues both the sheet-fed printing operations of Hansaprint Oy and the business of Turun Uusi Kirjapaino Oy.

Under the years we have expanded our operations and expertise through company acquisitions. Today Newprint is one of the most versatile and prominent printing houses. We operate in a close co-operation with Hansaprint Oy.

Not just print jobs but printing service

Since the founding of Newprint we have answered the needs of our customers by providing solutions that make using, ordering and managing the printing services easier. Our operations culminate in experienced and professional staff and modern, versatile machinery.

The long-term development of our customer relations and services are extremely important to us. With our offset and digital printing options, combined with post-processing possibilities, we are able to offer a wide range of services.

In a nutshell – we are a service partner that understands Your print-marketing communications needs.